Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum, Summer Palace, Ram Bagh, Amritsar - Punjab Tourism

Efforts have been made to collect all the relevant material from the 18th and19th centuries to provide visitors and scholars with glimpses of the cultural history of this period. The main collections can be broadly classified as under: 1. Paintings 2. Arms & Armours 3. Manuscripts 4. Coins A huge painting on cloth (app. 154x124 cms) shows the city of Lahore and its forts in all its architectural beauty, showing arches, doorways, jails and even pavements of locally burnt clay bricks. There is large number of manuscripts pertaining to the history of the Punjab such as The Gulgasht-i-Punjab by Raja Ram Tota; The Iqbalnama-i-Maharaja Ranjit Singh by Raja Ram Tota; The Tarikh-i-Kalan Kashmir is statistical compendium on Kashmir. The Zafarnama is military manual pertaining to the rules and training of army during the reign of the Maharaja. On ceremonial occasions he used to sit in a gold chair while the other dignitaries occupied silver chairs. The seals he used were inscribed with the phrase Ákal Sahai'. (May God be our helper) along with his name. Several types of coins were current in his dominion but the standard rupee was the Nanak Shahi.