Punjab Arts & Crafts

Punjab Arts & Crafts is highly acclaimed the world over. Punjab is a culturally rich north western state of India. The Arts and Crafts of Punjab include the variety of handiworks. The artisans of Punjab are skilled and dexterous. The women of the villages are mainly involved in carrying out the Punjab Arts & Crafts. The Mud Works is an ancient practice in Punjab. Generally it is a trend in Punjab to plaster the walls of the house with mud and then create different motifs and designs on them. These kind of works are generally performed by the rural women of Punjab. The carpenters of Punjab are renowned for their skills in Wood Works. The carpenters generally make the comfortable beds. The carved legs of these beds were known as the Pawas. The carpenters are apt in making Peeras or Peerians, decorative boxes, pidhis and toys. The Metal Work is also very popular among th Punjab Arts & Crafts. The metal utensils are used. in households and for religious purpose. The Basketry were made mainly for household usage. The Basketry works are done by shaving the thin straws of grass. These straws are used to weave mats, rugs, carpets, curtains and hand fans. The needle work or the Weaving and Embroidery in Punjab is known by various names as they are associated with some of the nice aspects of life and they are skillfully made by the beautiful village girls. The hand fans are made almost in the same way as the Phulkaris. Phulkari is an intricate needle work. Often the base cloth is covered entirely which is known as Bagh.
The smaller the stitches, the Phulkari becomes finer and better. The Juttis made in Punjab are world famous. The motifs of The Juttis of Punjab are embroidered with threads of silver and gold.

Phulkari Embroidery

Embroidery of Punjab has an age long tradition and. the major centres of this traditional art of embroidery are located in different parts of Punjab. The well known embroidery of Punjab is the Phulkari embroidery. The artisans involved in embroidery work in Punjab are deft in creating several kinds of embroidery stitches on shawls, cardigans, scarves, table covers, cushion and bedspreads.

Craft by Thatheras in Jandiala Guru- Amritsar

The Thatheras of Jandiala Guru are the skilled craftsmen specializing in the traditional technique of hammering brass and copper to make utensils, like katori, praat, patila and many other products in Punjab. This unique craft form is the only craft from India to be listed in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage 2014 and further relisted in 2017.

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