Patiala is one of the most historical districts of Punjab. It was founded by Baba Ala Singh, the founder of Phulkian State of Patiala.The city was originally known as 'Pati Ala' which means area under Raja Ala Singh, and later on came to be known as Patiala. Famous as the city of palaces, forts and gardens,the erstwhile princely State of Punjab has lost none of its age-old charm. It still retains its royal traditions seeped in its Rajput, Mughal and Punjabi influence.Art, architecture and anecdotes of Patiala depicts the rich legacy of the Maharajas.The unique Gharana style of music, culinary traditions and fine craftwork of the Patialvi culture is widely admired all over the world. The city has many attractions like Baradari Garden, Kali Devi temple, Baradari Palace and Moti Bagh Palace which now houses the National institute of Sports.Patiala is well known for its handicraft works in Gota, Kinari, Zari and Sitara for manufacture of waist-cords and parandas (hair tying cords).