Just seven kilometers away from Fazilka town on National Highway No 10 (now 7), Aasafwala Shaheedon Ki Samadh- a sacred memorial and War Museum in the remembrance of the martyrs of 1971 war between Indo-Pak is managed by "Shaheedo Ki Samadh Committee Aasafwala (Fazilka), with the co-operation of civil and army administration. It is an historical place to visit if you come to Fazilka. You can pay reverence towards all those martyrs who had sacrificed their lives to defend Fazilka from Pakistan aggression.

Way back in 1971 during Indo-Pak war, several valiant of 67 Infantry Brigade Battalion had sacrificed his precious life while fighting with Pakistan military near Gurmi Khera village. Before the enemies entered the village, the soldiers on India's side geared themselves up to hit back the enemies. They were equipped with high quality guns, tanks & ammunitions etc.

Needless to say the inhabitants of every house in the village and the surrounding areas had attached themselves through secret tunnels strategically to encounter the Pakistan army. Brave Jat soldiers of "67 Infantry Brigade Battalion" regularly pray to Lord Hanumana to earn HIS blessing. They have the immense desire to sacrifice their life for the country particularly to defend the Fazilka city.

December 3rd 1971 was the beginning of doom days coming ahead. In a macabre evening that day, Pakistan Army attacked on Beri Wala Bridge and began to rush towards Fazilka. The skirmishes continued till 17th of December 1971. Our soldiers fought with bravery and succeeded in retaining back the areas which we had lost earlier except Beri Wala. Their strenuous and indefatigable efforts resulted in the protection of Fazilka but unfortunately, they couldn't save their lives.

On 17th December, 1971 exactly at 8 pm, the war stopped until then several brave soldiers had sacrificed their lives in their efforts to save the city. On 18th December 1971, all the dead bodies were collected in the nearby area. Mass funeral was arranged in a 90 feet long huge pyre. It is proudly said that all those who serve the country and bow their heads at Shaheedon ki Samadh are blessed ones. Last year, a function was organized in the memories of martyrs at that place. Dignitaries from different walks of life, politicians, highly government & Army officials, civilians and even students from professional colleges too were present there to offer floral tribute to the martyrs.