Art Gallery, Medal Gallery & Stuffed animals Gallery Sheesh Mahal, Patiala - Punjab Tourism

The Sheesh Mahal Museum at Patiala is housing precious painting, sculptures, medals and decorative art objects. Sheesh Mahal was constructed by the Maharaja of Patiala. A very fine set of miniature paintings based on the themes of "Geet Govind" in Kangra Style, based on Jai Deva's poetry, is greatly commended by the lovers of art. There are very fine specimens of Ivory-work displayed in the galleries, which include chessmen, horse rider, beautifully carved tusks and a fine perforated Ivory piece with carved deities inside. In the Royal room wooden carved furniture, Burmese and Kashmiri objects are displayed. There are also valuable manuscripts in the museum. The Medal Gallery set up in the Sheesh Mahal: Patiala has one of the largest collections of medals and decorations. It is perhaps unmatched in the world in its richness and variety, In this collection, there are at present, more than 3200 Orders, Medals and Decorations, some of which one are very rare in the world. Among the birds on display, pheasants are the most beautiful birds in this gallery. These birds are stuffed and prepared by Rowland ward, an artist and taxidermist of London, in the year 1929-30. Punjab has remained a cradle for the development of folk art from earliest times till the recent period.