Arms and Chandeliers Gallery, Quila Mubarak, Patiala - Punjab Tourism

The Darbar Hall in the fort is a unique and majestic structure. It now houses arms & chandeliers gallery of the Punjab Govt. Museums, It has a rich collection of arms and armours. Some note-worthy arms exhibited here are the sword of Nadir Shah known as Shikar. Other interesting armours are helmets, shields and arm-protectors depicting Persian court scenes. From the ceiling gorgeous hanging chandeliers and the two tree-like chandeliers displayed on the floor are made of precious Bohimian cut glass emitting prism like sheen are admired by all. This huge collection of chandeliers was bought by Maharaja Mahendra Singh, when he visited Calcutta. The Murals in residential palaces of Quila Mubarak are peerless work of art. They are the works of great artists belonging to Kangra and Rajasthan schools of art.