Archaeological Museum, Sanghol, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib.

In village Sanghol, called Ucha Pind by the local people, the archaeological site of the name is located. The antiquities discovered from the late Harappan era consist of very fine potteries, terra-cotta beads, figurines, fianc├ęs bangles, terra-cotta cakes, beads of precious and semi precious stones, copper chisels, chert weights and 92 micro beads of gold. The material from other levels, such as potteries, human figurines, terra-cotta gamesmen beads of precious and semi precious stones are also on display. The major discovery from the site was board of 117 pieces of sculptures of Kushana period. These are in the form of 69 pillars, 13 coping stones and 35 cross bars. Ornaments of Muslims period discovered as a treasure trove from Sanghol consist of Sagi-phul, armlet, lockets, jhanjar etc. are also on display.