Anglo Sikh War Memorial Museum, Ferozeshah Distt Ferozepur - Punjab Tourism

The Anglo Sikh battle at Ferozshah, Mudki, Aliwal, Sabraon has immense historical significance as they are very important battle sites that shaped the history of not only the region but also of the country. The first Anglo-Sikh (1845-46) war was a short but very sharp affair and can be said to be of 4 battles, namely Aliwal, Mudki, Ferozeshahar and Sabraon., in which The British experienced fiercer hand to hand fighting than on any other previous occasion in India and at one moment in which (at the battle of Ferozeshah on 21st December 1845) they came very close to being beaten. The battle of Mudki is an extremely significant site - it was here that the first sparks of the Anglo Sikh battles were stroked. The battle of Sabraon proved to be decisive battle which put an end to the first phase of Anglo Sikh battles. The museum houses the paintings and artefacts related with these historical wars.